House of Coalesce – Agar Rouge – 100ml (3.38 oz)

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A Symphony of Scent

Crafted with meticulous care, Agar Rouge is a captivating symphony of scent that bridges cultural divides and transcends boundaries between east and west.

The exotic essence of agarwood interwoven with the warm embrace of amber infuses the fragrance with a sense of opulence and sensuality, drawing you into its magnetic allure.

The delicate petals of rose on top bring a touch of ethereal beauty whilst the playful sparkle of pink berries adds a modern twist, infusing the composition with a burst of freshness and vitality.

Together, these precious ingredients harmonize to create a fragrance that is at once exotic and familiar,
ancient and contemporary—a true embodiment of the harmonious fusion between Eastern and Western cultures.
Wear it and let its evocative aroma transport you to a world where boundaries dissolve, and connections are forged through the language of scent.